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In stock: we will dispatch normally same day or in 1 working day

Out of stock: we might or not re-stock in the near future but always contact us if you need them

Back-order: it will be back to stock in near future and an estimate arrival will be updated.

We aim to deliver orders to our customers as soon as we can. For medium and large size parcels, UPS will deliver them in 1-2 working days. For small parcels, they will be posted by Royal mail 1st class service (1-2 days).

We accept returns within 30 days. The item must be returned as the original condition for a full refund. Postage would be deducted if the item is returned for personal reasons.

We repair any ebikes, escooters, eskateboards and emopeds.

For who might need specific shape or extra-large/small batteries we build custom battery pack for all purposes.

We stock a wide range of 48V and 52V downtube batteries from 10Ah to 24.5Ah. Also we build custom batteries and other types like rear rack, triangle pack etc.

We supply motor kits from two most well-known mid-drive kit brands, Bafang and Tongsheng.

To compare the main features in our experience:

-Bafang: wide range of displays, powerful, reliable, programmable

-Tongsheng: best pedal assist, no need to learn, compact in size.  

Most bike frames have threaded bottom brackets and bottom bracket shell inner diameter should be about 34mm. Our kits will fit bike frames as mention above with 68mm or 73mm width. Other types or wider BB shell could be fitted with adaptors or modification.

Mon-Fri 10:00 to 18:00 (May vary so contact us before visiting)

Category: About us

We base in London. Our office is in Greenwich and our workshop is in Surbiton. Please contact us for arranging a visit.

Category: About us

For most of cases a conversion would take 2-3 working days. It may take longer if extra parts or modification needed.

CONTACT US: Let us know the detail of your bike and how do you use your bike.

ARRANGE A TIME: We will give you a quote and arrange a session to check your bike.

DISCUSSION: We provide a bike health check and discuss how we process conversion.

PROCESSING: We start converting your bike to an E-Bike.

TEST RIDE: We adjust the bike after a test ride to make sure you are 100% happy with your new E-Bike.

YOUR E-BIKE: Enjoy your E-Bike with a boost of E- Power.

Our ebike conversion service charges £120 for customers with our kits. For others with their own kits it will be £180.

Our standard conversion service would be £750 which includes a TSDZ2 mid motor kit, a 500Wh battery (48V 10Ah) and installation. Special parts or custom modification may apply to different bike frame for extra charge.

We are committed to looking after our ever growing customer base. For this reason, we really learn about the products that we sell so we can offer the best back up, support and knowledge, not just at the point of sale, but also further down the line.

Our aim is to look after you long term. We attend training sessions, write about, ride and work on our products each and every day, so we really know what we are talking about.

All of our e-bike kits come with the best warranty possible. We offer 1 year on all of the components. All of our warranty work is carried out in house.

This means we resolve this for you as opposed to passing you on to a third party.

We offer the quickest turnaround in the country, our aim is to offer a complete happy eBiking experience, so it’s in our interest to get any minor issues resolved quickly for you.

In the unlikely event of a problem, you can contact us via email where we will be happy to assist getting any niggles resolved. Most cycle shops can work on the regular components and carry spares if required.

These parts can also be ordered from us on a next day basis, again we can assist with fitting over the phone.

Remember all of the components are regular cycle components, so you can pick up spares e.g inner tubes, tyres brake pads etc from any good cycle shop.

The electrical components are a little more niche. This is why we offer the complete range of parts and spares available directly from our shop in the ‘Parts & Spares’.

You should have your e-bike serviced just the same as your regular bike. Just because it is electric assisted doesn’t mean it requires more frequent servicing. In most instances an annual service is enough.

However, customers using their bikes more frequently or in more extreme environments may require more frequent servicing. Generally you can feel when your bike needs a look over.

Yes, not a problem, you can order the bike from the comfort of your own home. Just add everything to the basket and purchase in the normal way.

Once the order has been placed, send us an email to arrange an appointment that suits you to visit us and collect the bike.

Yes of course, you can visit, we can talk you through your riding style and requirements and offer expert advice as to which model to select. We will be able to advise particular e-bikes and talk them through in more detail.

We also give you the opportunity to ride a crank drive bike so you can get a feel for them prior to purchase.

The running costs of owning an e- bike are very low compared to other modes of transport. Generally good quality electric bikes use better components that last longer compared to cheap bikes. Its the same old saying again – You pay for what you get.

Generally speaking the electronic items on all of our e-bikes are sealed units, from the motor to battery to head unit. They are all weatherproof and have been designed for all purpose use i.e mountain biking, where occasionally there are deep puddles. Your e-bike is expected to be able to handle this without any issues. If possible, try not to completely submerge your eBike. If you fall into a lake for example, make sure the bike is recovered quickly, along with yourself. Allow the bike to dry off before turning back on and returning to the trail. 

Clean your e-Bike like you would clean your regular bike. Use a hose, sponge and preferably a decent cleaner. If you can, then clean it after every ride to keep it in tip top condition.

Also, remember after cleaning to re apply lubrication to the chain with a decent dry lube. Please resist from using pressure washers on your bike. Not because of the electrics, but high pressure water can push factory grease from the internal bearings leaving them dry for the next ride.

E- bikes are many things to many people, some use them as a vital tool for commuting, saving fuel, cutting transport costs and time. Whilst some people enjoy recreational rides, where you can go out traveling all day without the aggravation of steep hills.

On the other extreme we have hardcore mountain bikers using an e-bike to beat up lifts. Of course whatever you ride up you get to hurtle back down. Generally you can get a lot more use in a day and cover more ground on an e-bike.

Remember with an e-bike you get to do everything you are doing already but – Longer, harder & faster. Why not read some of the reviews others have outlined how it has benefited their life.

All our e-bikes are governed by law to an assisted speed of 15mph. You, can of course, pedal the bike faster, however you will be using your own pedal power as the assistance will drop off at 15mph.

Generally speaking as long as you don’t leave your battery for long periods of time completely empty and you top the battery up after each ride, this is all you need to do. However we do have more extensive article covering this on our blog pages.

Additionally, all of our electric bikes feature high tech batteries, so this is not required. It is in fact, best to always top up our batteries, even if you have only travelled 10 miles, just top it up.

No it does not. Some manufacturers do advertise that the bikes regenerate whilst braking or going down hill.

While eBikes are significantly heavier than regular bikes you won’t notice this extra weight when you ride one. Most pedal assisted eBikes also have a push assist button so the bike won’t even feel heavy when you walk with it. Averaging around 20kg you will however notice the extra weight if you need to lift one onto a car rack. Of course you can always remove the battery to reduce the weight before you lift it.

Lithium ion batteries of e-bike can be charged in 3-8 hours from flat depending on the battery capacity.

E-bikes batteries are rechargeable both on and off the bike giving you the option to recharge your e-bike in the office after a long commute.

It is hard to say exactly how far you will be able to ride on a single charge but most e-Bike cyclists have no problem reaching their destination on a single charge.

The actual range of an e-bike will vary depending on many things including; the gradient of the road or trail, your average speed, the capacity of the battery and the power mode that you use.

Electric bikes use an electric motor to boost your natural pedalling power. All you need to do is turn the pedals and the eBike will automatically add a power boost. You can also select different power modes to vary the amount of assist that the motor gives you.

Pedalling will seem almost effortless (especially in the higher power modes) and you will find that you’re able to climb and accelerate much faster than usual.

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