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About Us

Our Vision is Electric Bikes

Our Vision

To change modern cities and people’s lives for the better by introducing electric bikes. Our core values are to provide sustainable, customisable, and innovative mobility solutions to our customers that they can easily use around cities or in the countrysides. We offer a variety of services including: 

  • Converting services to transform your beloved conventional bike into an E-bike 
  • The opportunity to purchase high-quality and affordable Taiwanese electric bikes in the UK market.
  • You can purchase an electric bike conversion kit, so that skilled cycling enthusiasts can create their own e-bikes.

Our Expertise

When converting your bike, we use our expertise and experience to provide our customers with a high quality e- bikes, whilst providing incredible riding experiences.

We always make sure that we are offering customer service that is second to none. With these customer-focused services, we have developed a reputation within our industry and fantastic customer relationships.

Furthermore, we place a huge impact on customer safety, which is why all our electric bikes are put through rigorous tests. 

electronic bike making
Battery testing

Our Supply

We source affordable and quality focused Electric bikes from Taiwan.

The unique, foldable design of the QICYCLE Electric makes it stand out here in the UK, and we continuously collaborate with Taiwanese manufacturers so that we are sure we are getting the best electric bikes available!

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